Why should a business go to YouTube

Here are the main tasks that a YouTube channel will help you solve:

— increasing brand awareness (including personal);
— an increase in the number of conversions;
— increasing income through advertising.

The format of the content and the methods of promotion will depend on what goals you set when creating a YouTube channel.

But first, it’s worth answering yourself two questions.

Are you ready to invest in content production and do it systematically? The situation when a YouTube channel is started only for show (if competitors have it — I should have it too), will inevitably lead to the channel disappearing into oblivion. Promotion on YouTube requires the regular production of videos that are interesting to the target audience. It is almost impossible to make videos at a high level in a topic that does not personally catch the creators.

Will there be enough content in your niche for a long time? For the guys who are filming computer games reviews, this question is not worth it. But the owner of a small regional factory for the production of industrial equipment should answer it. Try to sketch out a rough annual content plan. If you can’t get topics even for a couple of months, leave the idea of ​​channel promotion, use other marketing tools.

If the answers to both questions are yes, it’s time to start creating and promoting content. And if everything is more or less clear with the creation of a video — it is a matter of time and money, then problems arise with the promotion.

The situation often develops like this: you spend time and money on content, you are good at it, but you, your colleagues and a few friends with whom you shared the link on Facebook watch it.

So you will not float far and sooner or later you will abandon the channel. Promotion should be approached systematically, and we will tell you how to attract stable traffic and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

YouTube channel promotion: where to get traffic from

What does it mean to promote a YouTube channel? Make it popular with as many target users as possible who will come from different sources:

— Search results on YouTube for targeted queries.
— Block of similar (recommended) videos on YouTube.
YouTube section “Trending”.
— Results of search results from Yandex and Google (as part of video wizards).
— «Zero» position in Google — video as a quick response.
— Other sources — social networks, mailings, own sites, other YouTube channels, etc.

If you put everything together, then the work on promoting the channel consists of three large blocks:

Optimize your video and channel in general to make it user-friendly and get traffic from YouTube and search engines.
Free ways of promotion: work with involvement, posting videos on the website and in social networks, email newsletters, collaboration with channels similar in topic;
Paid methods: advertising with bloggers and in Google Ads, seeding in social networks.